The guesthouse of Urikivi is situated in the hamlet of Orjaku in the municipality of Hiiumaa, in a quiet place of beautiful nature. It is a suitable place for vacation for a family or a small group of friends.

The house, built in the middle of the 19th century, is in an original old style. Once upon a time it was a common freshing barn of two farms that rented land of the estate of Lauka. Now, it has been reconstructed to be a guesthouse. The interior is special due to the handmade timber and wrought iron details, produced according to the drawings of a local artist.

There are three bedrooms in the house, a spacious living room with a kitchen area, a sauna, a shower, a room with an open fireplace and a large terrace. From the living room, there is a view in two directions through double French windows. The kitchen area is special because of the timber-heated cooking-range with a stove, that makes it possible to prepare real homemade food.

There are three bedrooms in the house, all of which are situated on the upper floor. In one of those, there is a broad double bed. Beside that room, there is a room with a single bed; in the next room, there are two single beds. There is also a shorter bed on the ground floor in the room with the fireplace. That is the favourite one of many guests, because the room has a view to the meadow and the shower is just next door. Beside that, there is an armchair that can be opened to be a bed. Because of the fact that the bedrooms, except for one that is separated, are situated between other rooms, the guesthouse is more suitable for one family or friends.

For cooler weather, there is a heat pump in the house as well as a timber-heated open fireplace in the room beside the sauna.

The hiking trail of Orjaku is situated three kilometres, the bird watching tower two kilometres, and the harbour of Orjaku only one kilometer from Urikivi. The bicycle trail of Käina-Kassari-Orjaku is about 20 km long. The closest good places to eat - Lest ja Lammas, Vetsi Tall, Orjaku pubi – are at a walking distance. The small grocery shop of Kassari is situated two kilometres form Uirkivi.

Orjaku is a pleasant place for everyone who enjoys nature and silence. It has a special atmosphere and mood in every season. Urikivi is the ideal place for just to be there and to afford oneself the luxury just to do nothing.

At your service!

Signe, the landlady of Urikivi